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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Postal Codes in Bangladesh

I have collected it from BGPORTAL WEB and just posted it here for sharing Postal code and Sub Post office list of six divisions of Bangladesh:
Dhaka Dhaka Main PO Dhaka Main PO 1100
Dhaka Dhaka GPO Dhaka GPO 1000
Dhaka Demra Matuail 1362
Dhaka Demra Sarulia 1361
Dhaka Demra Demra 1360
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar Wari TSO 1203
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar Gendaria TSO 1204
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar New Market TSO 1205
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar Dhaka CantonmentTSO 1206
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar Mohammadpur Housing 1207
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar Dhaka Politechnic 1208
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar Jigatala TSO 1209
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar Posta TSO 1211
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar Gulshan Model Town 1212
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar Banani TSO 1213
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar Basabo TSO 1214
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar Tejgaon TSO 1215
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar Shantinagr TSO 1217
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar Mirpur TSO 1218
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar KhilgaonTSO 1219
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar BangabhabanTSO 1222
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar DilkushaTSO 1223
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar Sangsad BhabanTSO 1225
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar KhilkhetTSO 1229
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar Uttara Model TwonTSO 1231
Dhaka Dhaka Sadar Dhania TSO 1232
Dhaka Dhamrai Dhamrai 1350
Dhaka Dhamrai Kamalpur 1351
Dhaka Joypara Joypara 1330
Dhaka Joypara Palamganj 1331
Dhaka Joypara Narisha 1332
Dhaka Keraniganj Keraniganj 1310
Dhaka Keraniganj Dhaka Jute Mills 1311
Dhaka Keraniganj Ati 1312
Dhaka Keraniganj Kalatia 1313
Dhaka Nawabganj Nawabganj 1320
Dhaka Nawabganj Hasnabad 1321
Dhaka Nawabganj Daudpur 1322
Dhaka Nawabganj Agla 1323
Dhaka Nawabganj Khalpar 1324
Dhaka Nawabganj Churain 1325
Dhaka Savar Savar 1340
Dhaka Savar Dairy Farm 1341
Dhaka Savar Jahangirnagar Univer 1342
Dhaka Savar Saver P.A.T.C 1343
Dhaka Savar Savar Canttonment 1344
Dhaka Savar Shimulia 1345
Dhaka Savar Kashem Cotton Mills 1346
Dhaka Savar Rajphulbaria 1347
Dhaka Savar Amin Bazar 1348
Dhaka Savar EPZ 1349
Faridpur Alfadanga Alfadanga 7870
Faridpur Bhanga Bhanga 7830
Faridpur Boalmari Boalmari 7860
Faridpur Boalmari Rupatpat 7861
Faridpur Charbhadrasan Charbadrashan 7810
Faridpur Faridpur Sadar Faridpursadar 7800
Faridpur Faridpur Sadar Kanaipur 7801
Faridpur Faridpur Sadar Ambikapur 7802
Faridpur Faridpur Sadar Baitulaman Politecni 7803
Faridpur Madukhali Madukhali 7850
Faridpur Madukhali Kamarkali 7851
Faridpur Nagarkanda Nagarkanda 7840
Faridpur Nagarkanda Talma 7841
Faridpur Sadarpur Sadarpur 7820
Faridpur Sadarpur Hat Krishapur 7821
Faridpur Sadarpur Bishwa jaker Manjil 7822
Faridpur Shriangan Shriangan 7804
Gazipur Gazipur Sadar Gazipur Sadar 1700
Gazipur Gazipur Sadar B.R.R 1701
Gazipur Gazipur Sadar Chandna 1702
Gazipur Gazipur Sadar B.O.F 1703
Gazipur Gazipur Sadar National University 1704
Gazipur Kaliakaar Kaliakaar 1750
Gazipur Kaliakaar Safipur 1751
Gazipur Kaliganj Kaliganj 1720
Gazipur Kaliganj Pubail 1721
Gazipur Kaliganj Santanpara 1722
Gazipur Kaliganj Vaoal Jamalpur 1723
Gazipur Kapashia kapashia 1730
Gazipur Monnunagar Monnunagar 1710
Gazipur Monnunagar Nishat Nagar 1711
Gazipur Monnunagar Ershad Nagar 1712
Gazipur Shipur Shipur 1740
Gazipur Shipur Barmi 1743
Gazipur Shipur Satkhamair 1744
Gazipur Shipur Kawraid 1745
Gazipur Shipur Bashamur 1747
Gazipur Shipur Boubi 1748
Gazipur Sripur Rajendrapur 1741
Gazipur Sripur Rajendrapur Canttome 1742
Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar Chandradighalia 8013
Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar Gopalganj Sadar 8100
Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar Ulpur 8101
Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar Barfa 8102
Gopalganj Kashiani Kashiani 8130
Gopalganj Kashiani Ramdia College 8131
Gopalganj Kashiani Ratoil 8132
Gopalganj Kashiani Jonapur 8133
Gopalganj Kotalipara Kotalipara 8110
Gopalganj Maksudpur Maksudpur 8140
Gopalganj Maksudpur Batkiamari 8141
Gopalganj Maksudpur Khandarpara 8142
Gopalganj Tungipara Tungipara 8120
Gopalganj Tungipara Patgati 8121
Jamalpur Dewangonj Dewangonj 2030
Jamalpur Dewangonj Dewangonj S. Mills 2031
Jamalpur Islampur Islampur 2020
Jamalpur Islampur Durmoot 2021
Jamalpur Islampur Gilabari 2022
Jamalpur Jamalpur Jamalpur 2000
Jamalpur Jamalpur Nandina 2001
Jamalpur Jamalpur Narundi 2002
Jamalpur Malandah Malandah 2010
Jamalpur Malandah Jamalpur 2011
Jamalpur Malandah Malancha 2012
Jamalpur Malandah Mahmoodpur 2013
Jamalpur Mathargonj Mathargonj 2040
Jamalpur Mathargonj Balijhuri 2041
Jamalpur Shorishabari Shorishabari 2050
Jamalpur Shorishabari Gunerbari 2051
Jamalpur Shorishabari Bausee 2052
Jamalpur Shorishabari Jagannath Ghat 2053
Jamalpur Shorishabari Pingna 2054
Jamalpur Shorishabari Jamuna Sar Karkhana 2055
Kishoreganj Bajitpur Bajitpur 2336
Kishoreganj Bajitpur Sararchar 2337
Kishoreganj Bajitpur Laksmipur 2338
Kishoreganj Bhairob Bhairab 2350
Kishoreganj Hossenpur Hossenpur 2320
Kishoreganj Itna Itna 2390
Kishoreganj Karimganj Karimganj 2310
Kishoreganj Katiadi Katiadi 2330
Kishoreganj Katiadi Gochhihata 2331
Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar Kishoreganj Sadar 2300
Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar Kishoreganj S.Mills 2301
Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar Maizhati 2302
Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar Nilganj 2303
Kishoreganj Kuliarchar Kuliarchar 2340
Kishoreganj Kuliarchar Chhoysuti 2341
Kishoreganj Mithamoin MIthamoin 2370
Kishoreganj Mithamoin Abdullahpur 2371
Kishoreganj Nikli Nikli 2360
Kishoreganj Ostagram Ostagram 2380
Kishoreganj Pakundia Pakundia 2326
Kishoreganj Tarial Tarial 2316
Madaripur Barhamganj Barhamganj 7930
Madaripur Barhamganj Nilaksmibandar 7931
Madaripur Barhamganj Bahadurpur 7932
Madaripur Barhamganj Umedpur 7933
Madaripur kalkini Kalkini 7920
Madaripur kalkini Sahabrampur 7921
Madaripur Madaripur Sadar Madaripur Sadar 7900
Madaripur Madaripur Sadar Charmugria 7901
Madaripur Madaripur Sadar Kulpaddi 7902
Madaripur Madaripur Sadar Habiganj 7903
Madaripur Madaripur Sadar Mustafapur 7904
Madaripur Rajoir Rajoir 7910
Madaripur Rajoir Khalia 7911
Manikganj Doulatpur Doulatpur 1860
Manikganj Gheor Gheor 1840
Manikganj Lechhraganj Lechhraganj 1830
Manikganj Lechhraganj Jhitka 1831
Manikganj Manikganj Sadar Manikganj Sadar 1800
Manikganj Manikganj Sadar Manikganj Bazar 1801
Manikganj Manikganj Sadar Gorpara 1802
Manikganj Manikganj Sadar Mahadebpur 1803
Manikganj Manikganj Sadar Barangail 1804
Manikganj Saturia Saturia 1810
Manikganj Saturia Baliati 1811
Manikganj Shibloya Shibaloy 1850
Manikganj Shibloya Aricha 1851
Manikganj Shibloya Tewta 1852
Manikganj Shibloya Uthli 1853
Manikganj Singari Singair 1820
Manikganj Singari Baira 1821
Manikganj Singari joymantop 1822
Munshiganj Gajaria Gajaria 1510
Munshiganj Gajaria Hossendi 1511
Munshiganj Gajaria Rasulpur 1512
Munshiganj Lohajong Haridia 1333
Munshiganj Lohajong Gouragonj 1334
Munshiganj Lohajong Madini Mandal 1335
Munshiganj Lohajong Lohajang 1530
Munshiganj Lohajong Korhati 1531
Munshiganj Lohajong Haldia SO 1532
Munshiganj Lohajong Haridia DESO 1533
Munshiganj Lohajong Gouragonj 1534
Munshiganj Lohajong Medini Mandal EDSO 1535
Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar Munshiganj Sadar 1500
Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar Rikabibazar 1501
Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar Mirkadim 1502
Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar Kathakhali 1503
Munshiganj Sirajdikhan Sirajdikhan 1540
Munshiganj Sirajdikhan Kola 1541
Munshiganj Sirajdikhan Ichapur 1542
Munshiganj Sirajdikhan Malkha Nagar 1543
Munshiganj Sirajdikhan Shekher Nagar 1544
Munshiganj Srinagar Srinagar 1550
Munshiganj Srinagar Barikhal 1551
Munshiganj Srinagar Mazpara 1552
Munshiganj Srinagar Hashara 1553
Munshiganj Srinagar Kolapara 1554
Munshiganj Srinagar Kumarbhog 1555
Munshiganj Srinagar Vaggyakul SO 1556
Munshiganj Srinagar Baghra 1557
Munshiganj Srinagar Bhaggyakul 1558
Munshiganj Tangibari Tangibari 1520
Munshiganj Tangibari Betkahat 1521
Munshiganj Tangibari Baligao 1522
Munshiganj Tangibari Bajrajugini 1523
Munshiganj Tangibari Hasail 1524
Munshiganj Tangibari Dighirpar 1525
Munshiganj Tangibari Pura EDSO 1526
Munshiganj Tangibari Pura 1527
Mymensingh Bhaluka Bhaluka 2240
Mymensingh Fulbaria Fulbaria 2216
Mymensingh Gaforgaon Gaforgaon 2230
Mymensingh Gaforgaon Shibganj 2231
Mymensingh Gaforgaon Usti 2232
Mymensingh Gaforgaon Kandipara 2233
Mymensingh Gaforgaon Duttarbazar 2234
Mymensingh Gouripur Gouripur 2270
Mymensingh Gouripur Ramgopalpur 2271
Mymensingh Haluaghat Haluaghat 2260
Mymensingh Haluaghat Dhara 2261
Mymensingh Haluaghat Munshirhat 2262
Mymensingh Isshwargonj Isshwargonj 2280
Mymensingh Isshwargonj Sohagi 2281
Mymensingh Isshwargonj Atharabari 2282
Mymensingh Muktagachha Muktagachha 2210
Mymensingh Mymensingh Sadar Mymensingh Sadar 2200
Mymensingh Mymensingh Sadar Kawatkhali 2201
Mymensingh Mymensingh Sadar Agriculture Universi 2202
Mymensingh Mymensingh Sadar Shombhuganj 2203
Mymensingh Mymensingh Sadar Biddyaganj 2204
Mymensingh Mymensingh Sadar Pearpur 2205
Mymensingh Nandail Nandail 2290
Mymensingh Nandail Gangail 2291
Mymensingh Phulpur Phulpur 2250
Mymensingh Phulpur Beltia 2251
Mymensingh Phulpur Tarakanda 2252
Mymensingh Trishal Trishal 2220
Mymensingh Trishal Ahmadbad 2221
Mymensingh Trishal Ram Amritaganj 2222
Mymensingh Trishal Dhala 2223
Narayanganj Araihazar Araihazar 1450
Narayanganj Araihazar Gopaldi 1451
Narayanganj Baidder Bazar Baidder Bazar 1440
Narayanganj Baidder Bazar Bara Nagar 1441
Narayanganj Baidder Bazar Barodi 1442
Narayanganj Bandar Bandar 1410
Narayanganj Bandar D.C Mills 1411
Narayanganj Bandar Nabiganj 1412
Narayanganj Bandar BIDS 1413
Narayanganj Bandar Madanganj 1414
Narayanganj Fatullah Fatullah 1420
Narayanganj Fatullah Fatulla Bazar 1421
Narayanganj Narayanganj Sadar Narayanganj Sadar 1400
Narayanganj Rupganj Rupganj 1460
Narayanganj Rupganj Kanchan 1461
Narayanganj Rupganj Bhulta 1462
Narayanganj Rupganj Nagri 1463
Narayanganj Rupganj Murapara 1464
Narayanganj Siddirganj Siddirganj 1430
Narayanganj Siddirganj Adamjeenagar 1431
Narayanganj Siddirganj LN Mills 1432
Narshingdi Belabo Belabo 1640
Narshingdi Monohordi Monohordi 1650
Narshingdi Monohordi Hatirdia 1651
Narshingdi Monohordi Katabaria 1652
Narshingdi Narshingdi Sadar Narshingdi Sadar 1600
Narshingdi Narshingdi Sadar UMC Jute Mills 1601
Narshingdi Narshingdi Sadar Narshingdi College 1602
Narshingdi Narshingdi Sadar Panchdona 1603
Narshingdi Narshingdi Sadar Madhabdi 1604
Narshingdi Narshingdi Sadar Karimpur 1605
Narshingdi Palash Palash 1610
Narshingdi Palash Ghorashal Urea Facto 1611
Narshingdi Palash Char Sindhur 1612
Narshingdi Palash Ghorashal 1613
Narshingdi Raypura Raypura 1630
Narshingdi Raypura Bazar Hasnabad 1631
Narshingdi Raypura Radhaganj bazar 1632
Narshingdi Shibpur Shibpur 1620
Netrakona Susung Durgapur IBH WAs Here $mart
Netrakona Susung Durgapur Susnng Durgapur 2420
Netrakona Atpara Atpara 2470
Netrakona Barhatta Barhatta 2440
Netrakona Dharmapasha Dharampasha 2450
Netrakona Dhobaura Dhobaura 2416
Netrakona Dhobaura Sakoai 2417
Netrakona Kalmakanda Kalmakanda 2430
Netrakona Kendua Kendua 2480
Netrakona Khaliajuri Khaliajhri 2460
Netrakona Khaliajuri Shaldigha 2462
Netrakona Madan Madan 2490
Netrakona Moddhynagar Moddoynagar 2456
Netrakona Mohanganj Mohanganj 2446
Netrakona Netrakona Sadar Netrakona Sadar 2400
Netrakona Netrakona Sadar Baikherhati 2401
Netrakona Purbadhola Purbadhola 2410
Netrakona Purbadhola Shamgonj 2411
Netrakona Purbadhola Jaria Jhanjhail 2412
Rajbari Baliakandi Baliakandi 7730
Rajbari Baliakandi Nalia 7731
Rajbari Pangsha Pangsha 7720
Rajbari Pangsha Ramkol 7721
Rajbari Pangsha Ratandia 7722
Rajbari Pangsha Mrigibazar 7723
Rajbari Rajbari Sadar Rajbari Sadar 7700
Rajbari Rajbari Sadar Goalanda 7710
Rajbari Rajbari Sadar Khankhanapur 7711
Shariatpur Bhedorganj Bhedorganj 8030
Shariatpur Damudhya Damudhya 8040
Shariatpur Gosairhat Gosairhat 8050
Shariatpur Jajira Jajira 8010
Shariatpur Naria Naria 8020
Shariatpur Naria Bhozeshwar 8021
Shariatpur Naria Gharisar 8022
Shariatpur Naria Upshi 8023
Shariatpur Naria Kartikpur 8024
Shariatpur Shariatpur Sadar Shariatpur Sadar 8000
Shariatpur Shariatpur Sadar Angaria 8001
Shariatpur Shariatpur Sadar Chikandi 8002
Sherpur Bakshigonj Bakshigonj 2140
Sherpur Jhinaigati Jhinaigati 2120
Sherpur Nakla Nakla 2150
Sherpur Nakla Gonopaddi 2151
Sherpur Nalitabari Nalitabari 2110
Sherpur Nalitabari Hatibandha 2111
Sherpur Sherpur Shadar Sherpur Shadar 2100
Sherpur Shribardi Shribardi 2130
Tangail Basail Basail 1920
Tangail Bhuapur Bhuapur 1960
Tangail Delduar Delduar 1910
Tangail Delduar Jangalia 1911
Tangail Delduar Patharail 1912
Tangail Delduar Elasin 1913
Tangail Delduar Hinga Nagar 1914
Tangail Delduar Lowhati 1915
Tangail Ghatail Ghatial 1980
Tangail Ghatail Zahidganj 1981
Tangail Ghatail D. Pakutia 1982
Tangail Ghatail Dhalapara 1983
Tangail Ghatail Lohani 1984
Tangail Gopalpur Gopalpur 1990
Tangail Gopalpur Jhowail 1991
Tangail Gopalpur Hemnagar 1992
Tangail Kalihati Kalihati 1970
Tangail Kalihati Rajafair 1971
Tangail Kalihati Nagbari 1972
Tangail Kalihati Ballabazar 1973
Tangail Kalihati Elinga 1974
Tangail Kalihati Palisha 1975
Tangail Kalihati Nagarbari SO 1976
Tangail Kalihati Nagarbari 1977
Tangail Kashkaolia Kashkawlia 1930
Tangail Madhupur Madhupur 1996
Tangail Madhupur Dhobari 1997
Tangail Mirzapur Mirzapur 1940
Tangail Mirzapur Gorai 1941
Tangail Mirzapur M.C. College 1942
Tangail Mirzapur Warri paikpara 1943
Tangail Mirzapur Jarmuki 1944
Tangail Mirzapur Mohera 1945
Tangail Nagarpur Nagarpur 1936
Tangail Nagarpur Dhuburia 1937
Tangail Nagarpur Salimabad 1938
Tangail Sakhipur Sakhipur 1950
Tangail Sakhipur Kochua 1951
Tangail Tangail Sadar Tangail Sadar 1900
Tangail Tangail Sadar Kagmari 1901
Tangail Tangail Sadar Santosh 1902
Tangail Tangail Sadar Korotia 1903
Tangail Tangail Sadar Purabari 1904